A day in the life of…a child at Honeypot - Rhiannon

Our partnership with Honeypot enabled three children to go on their first respite break at Honeypot House in the New Forest. Rhiannon* went for her visit during the Easter holidays; in this blog Clare Holloway, Children’s Services Manager at Honeypot, gives us an update of what Rhiannon got up to and what it means to her and her family.

Rhiannon (7) lives at the family home with her birth mother and two siblings aged 9 and 2 years. Rhiannon and her family live in an area of high unemployment where drug and alcohol abuse, alongside crime and vandalism, are a common daily occurrence; this in turn affects their quality of life, self-esteem and confidence. The area also has an urgent need for regeneration.

Rhiannon’s brother has Williams Syndrome a condition which leads to him having a learning disability and profound hearing loss; he also had a heart condition. There have been concerns expressed by professionals about her mother’s ability to cope with her son’s disability. Her mother suffers from depression. Rhiannon struggles to get the appropriate attention from her mother especially since the birth of her younger sister. She is expected to help around the house and she is aware that she is treated differently to her siblings.

During Rhiannon’s time at Honeypot the children visited the beach and tried to catch some crabs as well as having an exciting trip to the local theme park. Her favourite activities at the House were being able to ride a bike and play on the trampoline in the sunshine. Rhiannon also enjoyed having her face painted and dabbled in the craft shed making bracelets and necklaces to take home.

The children also had the opportunity to try and break the biggest Easter egg they’d ever seen with tea spoons – as you can imagine it took a long time to break thorough and the children’s faces were amazing, I’m not quite sure they believed their eyes! To finish off the break Rhiannon enjoyed a DVD and girlie night followed by hot chocolate.

The individual that referred Rhiannon said: “…I just wanted to say thanks on her [Rhiannon] behalf for taking her in the service. I saw her this morning and she was very enthusiastic and talkative about what she did last week and is hoping that she can come again. It's good to know that she got on with the other children because she is saying she has no friends at school; definitely a positive outcome for her.”

The team at Honeypot love getting feedback like this and we’re so happy Rhiannon enjoyed her first break. We’re looking forward to seeing her again soon.

*Names have been changed to protect the children involved.

These opinions are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Computershare Voucher Services.