A day in the life of…a child at Honeypot – Harrison and Lucy

Honeypot House, New ForestThe week after Rhiannon had her first break at Honeypot House, brother and sister Harrison (5) and Lucy (10) got to go to the New Forest for their first holiday. Clare Holloway, Children’s Services Manager at Honeypot, tells us about their time at the house.

Harrison and Lucy live with their birth parents. Their mother suffered a serious head injury when she fell from an upstairs window whilst sleep walking which has resulted in her having difficulty with walking, communication and caring for her children. She was in hospital for over seven months and their father gave up work to care for them.

Harrison was only 14 months old when the accident happened and has only known his Mum this way. He helps out at home by getting her things when she needs them. Lucy has supported her father both emotionally and physically since the accident; she helps to take care of her brother and mother and appears much older than her years. Their father has returned to work (part-time) as his wife now has a carer to help with personal care.

Whilst the children were at Honeypot House they enjoyed playing outdoors with new-found friends, riding bikes, jumping on the trampolines, splashing around in the swimming pool and making a wish cake. They spent a day at Moors Valley Country Park where they were able to climb under and over obstacles in the forest made from the felled trees and also visited the local children’s theme park.

They returned home to their parents with their Honeypot back-packs stuffed full of goodies like a big Easter egg, a snuggle wrap (cuddly blanket) and prizes they won during a party on the last evening.

This break has allowed the children to be children for a short while without worrying whether they are making too much noise, disturbing their mother, or being on hand to support her in whatever way they can.

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