Leapfrog Childcare Vouchers to join the CVS brand!

We’ve owned and operated Leapfrog Childcare Vouchers for a number of years now and in line with the rest of our branding, after 31 March, the name and branding of Leapfrog Childcare Vouchers will change to Computershare Voucher Services (CVS).

As an employer, parent or carer using Leapfrog Childcare Vouchers, you should have already received an email or letter informing you how the re-brand will affect you – if you haven’t, you can read this document or contact us using the details below – but in this blog I’ve briefly explained the differences you’ll see after 31 March.

Rebranded vouchers and materials

Parents and carers will be able to use CVS vouchers in exactly the same way as they did Leapfrog vouchers. Similarly, any outstanding Leapfrog vouchers that haven’t been used will still be valid and can be redeemed in the same way.

Any materials – including paper vouchers and literature etc – previously branded Leapfrog will be branded CVS.

New website address

The web address will change to www.cvsvouchers.com after 31st March. After this date, the old web address (www.leapfrogvouchers.com) will no longer be accessible. Make sure you add www.cvsvouchers.com to your internet 'Favourites' before the switch-over because after 31 March we won’t be able to redirect you from the old website to the new one. This is because the brand licence to use the Leapfrog name expires after this date so we will be unable to automatically redirect you.

The functionality of the site will not change for the moment other than incorporating the CVS colours and branding.

Email contact details will also be changing but our telephone numbers and bank details will remain the same.

The brand name and website address change after March 31st will be the most noticeable changes for current Leapfrog Childcare Voucher customers but the way you use your vouchers will stay the same – they’ll just be purple instead!

If you have any questions about the re-brand and how it may affect you, please contact us on the following details:


T: 0800 783 7624, E: CVSParent@computershare.co.uk


T: 0800 783 7624, E: CVSEmployer@computershare.co.uk


T: 0800 031 9741, E: CVSCarer@computershare.co.uk

The above changes will not affect anyone who currently receives CVS childcare vouchers.