It’s school report time for factors affecting families

I thought you might be interested in the recent report from the Family and Parenting Institute - The UK Family Friendly Report Card. They’ve looked at factors affecting families in the UK and graded them from A – D. The verdict: a very disappointing C-.

The report looks at the cost of raising a child, maternity and paternity leave and work/life balance – that phrase again sorry! Of most interest to me was the cost of raising a child until they’re 21 which they’ve valued at £800 a month and since last year, the cost of nursery places in the UK has increased by 5.1%. It’s little wonder that people find themselves torn between returning to work and staying at home.

As you know, when you’re a parent every penny counts and there are plenty of ways to save on childcare and out of school activity costs; childcare vouchers are a good example. But if you’re unsure of your options, speak to childcare professionals or ask your employer what’s available to you. You might find that you’re able to make a significant saving on your monthly childcare costs.