Are you a working parent?

Over the past week, I’ve juggled after-school club, my son’s tennis training and several work commitments with trying to make sure I make it to the “Dad’s at School Day”. I made it – but by the skin of my teeth and the latter happily covered in modelling clay! I have to say that my wife juggles even more, and certainly more effectively, than I do.

It got me thinking about how much time your average working Mum or Dad spends organising childcare and managing the work/life balance (sorry to use the dreaded term).

It’d be great to hear some of your experiences and I’ve created a very short survey which you can access here, or by clicking the button on the right hand side. It’ll take you no longer than 1 minute to complete (I am sure you’re all busy people) and all responses are anonymous.

Thank you!