We’re going on a bear hunt - by Michael Rosen (Ages 0-2) What’s it about? In the book, the dad takes his four young children on a bear hunt. They come across a number of obstacles along the way, including squelchy mud, swishy grass, a river and finally a cave. They tiptoe in before finding a bear and ending up being chased all the way home again!

Review this book: This book’s great, whether you’ve got little ones you can read it aloud to or older children from about 4 upwards who want to read something fun, noisy and exciting.

It’s full of lovely, large illustrations and the repetitive verses make it really easy for the kids to join in, while learning speech patterns.

Overall, it’s a lot of a fun. I love doing actions to it with my two – we often march, tip-toe, splash, squelch and swirl round our living room when we read it together. It’s also brilliant for entertaining a whole room full of children. Highly recommended!

AH, Hertfordshire