The very hungry caterpillar – by Eric Carle (Ages 0-2) What’s it about? A caterpillar emerges from an egg before hungrily munching his way through lots of different foods (and the pages of the book!) over the course of a week. He then builds himself a home before turning into a beautiful butterfly at the end of the story.

Review this book: This book is enchanting, with its bright and fun pictures it teaches children on many different levels about everything from the life stages of a butterfly to different foods and the days of the week. It’s also a great excuse to practice the letter ‘c’! The way it repeats the days of the week and counting is also very good for helping children learn.

SJ, Rugby

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is truly a brilliant book for interaction with it’s colourful bright pictures and enables young readers to feel the holes that the caterpillar makes. A firm favourite with both my children one of which is now 17 – proving that this book is indeed timeless as people are still raving about it. If you like this you may also like the Very quiet Cricket and the Busy Spider both by the same author. Excellent fun.

K Owens