Win Your Child’s Height in Books is back!

Here at Computershare Voucher Services, we’re all about child literacy. Nothing makes us happier than the thought of a little one getting inspired by a new book. That’s why we launched the Win Your Child’s Height in Books competition.



Now in its fifth year, the competition gives you the chance to win a big pile of books for your child. The size of the pile depends on how tall your child is. So, if your little one is 2ft 7in, the pile of books will be 2ft 7. If they’re 4ft 2in, the pile will be 4ft 2 as well. BUT if your child is 11ft 9in, the pile of books will only be 5ft 9 (as that’s the maximum height of books the competition allows). You might also want to check that your child is actually a child, and not a lamppost.

Sounds great! How do I enter?

Entering the competition is simple. Starting at 1 pm, 04 February 2016, and ending on World Book Day (03 March 2016), we’ll be making a series of posts on our Facebook wall. These posts will be easy to spot, as each will contain a brightly coloured picture with a book quote written on it, expertly put together by our graphic designer, Steve.

All you have to do to enter is to identify the quote, and write the title of the book it comes from in the comments of that picture. Be sure to include the hashtag #CVSquotes with your answer. It really is that easy.

And, if you’re really stuck, the picture in the background is there to offer a hint – be warned though, they’re pretty cryptic!

To go to our Facebook page and get guessing, click here.

To read the terms and conditions of the competition, click here.

Good luck!