Win Your Child’s Height in Books - Get those guesses in!

Our Win Your Child’s Height in Books competition still has a week left to run, so there’s no excuse for you not to enter.

By now, you will surely have noticed the competition posts on our Facebook page. Brightly coloured and covered in text, the posts are like books in many ways – though not nearly so valuable. Each post includes a quote taken from a children’s book, and this is where your knowledge of children’s literature (or how to use Google) will come in handy.

All you have to do to enter is to identify the quote, and write the title of the book it comes from in the comments of that picture. Be sure to include the hashtag #CVSquotes with your answer. That’s it - you’ve entered!

And, if you’re really stuck, the picture in the background is there to offer a hint – be warned though, they’re pretty cryptic!

Cool. Anything else I need to know?

The prize for the competition is a pile of books. The size of the pile depends on how tall your child is. So, if your little one is 3ft 1in, the pile of books will be 3ft 1. If they’re 4ft 9in, the pile will be - you’ve guessed it - 4ft 9. If your child is 100ft tall, there's a chance they may be a horse chestnut tree. While we've nothing against horse chestnut trees entering the competition, the maximum height of books we can give away is 5ft 9in.

To go to our Facebook page and get your entries in, click here.

To read the terms and conditions of the competition, click here.

Good luck!