SuperCamps - for your childcare needs during the school holidays

The school term is back in full swing which means October holidays will be here before you know it. If you haven’t decided what you’ll do with the kids yet, giving them the opportunity to learn, make new friends and have fun at a SuperCamp is certainly worth contemplating, especially because you can use your Computershare childcare vouchers for any of their offerings.

Thanks to their partnerships with leading brands including Lego Play, Cookery, Bushcraft, Mad Science and even the Chelsea FC Foundation football camp, SuperCamps has years of experience creating an enjoyable time for your children.

As you’d expect, it is an Ofsted recognised organisation offering a professional service with well-trained staff. The end result is an entertaining, rewarding and well-rounded experience for children from ages 4-14.

Currently operating at 56 venues across the country, the organisation provides a very popular and highly rated service so it’s a good idea to get in early. You’ll also benefit from discounted rates if you don’t leave it too late.

Not all locations offer the exact same activities but you can use your postcode to find your nearest SuperCamps and see what is on offer.

To book a SuperCamp using your Computershare vouchers, follow this guide on their site.