It’s time to win your child’s Height in Books again!

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LAST year we created our Height in Books competition not knowing what the response was going to be.

We knew it was a good thing to do. What we didn’t know was whether mums and dads would be interested in books in the age of Kindle. Some ideas work well and some, well... you know... don’t.

So we were really pleased to be inundated with 1,388 entries to the competition. You obviously still care about good, old fashioned reading.

Since this is the second year of the competition we thought we’d catch up with last year’s winner, Jeni Wareing from Andover, Hants., and ask how 3ft 5in of books – 200 of them – have helped her and her six-year-old son Jake.

"Reading for himself" 

Jeni said: “It’s funny you should ask, as Jake's reading has come on in leaps and bounds over these last three to four months!

“He gained his 300, 350, then 400 key words at school and he's actually reading books himself now rather than just wanting to be read to!

“The great thing is because there was such a wide range if there was a lull he soon picked it back up again, and the 'younger' ones have been passed to his little brother.

Jake and Jeni Wareing

Jake and Jeni Wareing

“Jake has also started doing more projects at school which require a bit of research. So, again, a couple of the encyclopaedia-type books we got have been useful. Then over the holidays, he's picked up the activity-type books. 

“So a big ‘thank you’ for taking the time to ask what Jake was interested in and for choosing such a good variety!”

You’re very welcome Jeni. We’re very pleased to have helped!

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Good luck!

The Computershare Voucher Services team.