Calamity Game

By Leanne Webster, CVS customer service representative

On Friday, June 21, I and six other Computershare Voucher Services (CVS) employees set off from our Bristol base for an adventure to that London for a charity 5-a-side match in aid of Honeypot Children's Charity, our nominated charity

We all enjoy London, so very luckily we ended up lost. That meant we managed to see The Shard, the Houses of Parliament and took a trip over the Thames.

Which was lovely. But we were supposed to be at the Powerleague centre in Shoreditch, some four miles away.

We were late, of course, but as professionals refused to let that get in the way of a terrible footballing performance.

Highlights include:

* Own Goals

* Injuring our own players

* Being the first team knocked out

Beginning of whingeing/excuses

It’s not fair: the winning team had an ex-Chelsea player. How could we compete with ringers like that? We would have won if not for all those teams playing against us.

End of whingeing/excuses


CVS 5-A-Side glory boys

CVS 5-A-Side glory boys

We all had a great day out nonetheless, and it was great to see the event was such a success for the Honeypot Children's Charity.

CVS is a longstanding supporter of Honeypot Children's Charity which helps thousands of children across the UK.

Who do they help?

Most are young carers who juggle school and growing up with being a surrogate adult at home. Many care for a chronically or terminally ill loved ones, or have a parent with drug, alcohol or mental health problems.

The charity offers these children much-needed respite breaks.

For that reason we were delighted to have taken part. Even if we were robbed (not literally).

You can find out more information about Honeypot Children's Charity on their website.