Do you know the real cost of childcare for over 5’s?

As 2018 rolls to a close, do you know how much you spent on childcare for your over 5’s? According to the Family and Childcare Trust Annual Childcare Survey 2018 “the price of holiday childcare across the UK has increased by 4 per cent since last year – twice the rate of inflation.”

Their recent survey looked into the cost of childcare throughout Great Britain. They say their report, which is the 17th they’ve assembled looking into childcare prices in the UK, shows ‘the disparities between different regions, as well as problems that parents face with not only price, but availability of childcare.’

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey shows that the cost of children rockets in the school holidays. The average price of an after school club in Britain is £56.38 per week, compared to an average weekly rate of £62.25 for a childminder. With the average price of holiday childcare in Britain at £133 per week, this means holiday childcare costs are more than double than an after school club during term time.

CVS blog chart.jpg

With roughly 14 weeks of childcare scattered throughout the year, finding suitable childcare can be a challenge. While some are fortunate enough to be able to grandparents, friends or other family willing to help out,, some are forced to take holiday from work, or not work at all.

Some parents resort to ‘shift parenting’, where parents use their annual leave at different times: but this means less time together as a family.

According to the survey “about twice as many children use school age childcare as nurseries – about 3 million per year, yet holiday childcare for school-aged children is often overlooked when we talk about childcare policy.”

Top Tip! You can use childcare vouchers to pay for holiday childcare providing the carer is registered with Ofsted in England, or an equivalent governing body.