All you need to know about Tax-Free Childcare (TFC)

We’ve been updating you on Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) for the past few months.

From 24 November 2017, parents whose youngest child is under 6 (or who has their 6th birthday on that day) can apply for TFC through the government's Childcare Choices website.

Over the coming months TFC will open to parents of older children (up to 12 years old only) and government has also promised to make further improvements to the online application system, which has seen some issues.

To help parents understand everything there is to know about TFC, we’ve created a dedicated website, Give Yourself a Choice with lots of information and tools:

Video – TFC: What’s it all about?

Decision Tree – TFC vs. childcare vouchers

Parent interviews

o Are you a couple where one of you works and the other doesn’t?

o Both in work with high childcare costs?

o Not using childcare vouchers at the moment?

o Do you and your partner both pay Basic rate tax?

o Do you have a child with a disability?

o Are you or your partner self-employers?

o Do you work part-time?

o Single parent relying heavily on childcare?

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