Government announces more help for working parents

In its Mid-Term Review, the Government announced that it will offer greater support for working parents, to help them cope with spiralling childcare costs.

No details were given in the announcement as to what form this increased support will take, but further information is expected to be announced shortly.

In reaction to the news, the Childcare Vouchers Provider Association (CVPA) has issued a statement outlining a number of ways that an expansion of the childcare vouchers scheme could help support this aim.

 “Solving childcare affordability doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel.  With a few simple changes to the childcare voucher scheme, Government could give working parents the support they need.

“We have been working with Government to increase childcare support.  Childcare vouchers can be expanded to include self-employed parents, those on the national minimum wage and through introducing a right to request.”

As the UK’s largest dedicated childcare voucher provider, we work with thousands of working parents, carers and employers based across the UK.

We fully support the view of the CVPA that the existing childcare voucher scheme should be extended and we have been engaging on this with the Government for some time. The voucher scheme is efficient and cost-effective for parents, employers and the Government.

Childcare vouchers are currently one of the key ways parents can reduce the costs of childcare. Over 500,000 working parents, 80% of which are basic rate tax-payers, rely on the scheme to pay for their registered childcare.

In a recent industry survey, one in five parents revealed that they, or their partner, would have to give up work if childcare vouchers were withdrawn - a massive 100,000 people!

In addition, a further 38% said that they or their partner would have to reduce their hours if that happened.

That is why we’ve communicated to the Government our ideas on how the existing scheme can be extended and we hope that the Government will give full consideration to these recommendations and seek to build on the existing scheme.