A balancing act for families with National Work-Life Week

Families are at the heart of what we do at CVS, so we’re delighted to continue in our support of Working Families, a charity which works with parents, carers and employers to find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. The charity’s annual awareness campaign, National Work-Life Week, will this year be running from 24-28 September, with firms across the UK encouraged to get involved.

Finding a balance between family life and work life is something most families will face.

Introducing a childcare voucher scheme, along with other family friendly initiatives such as flexi working, are just some of the options employers can look at to support team members in this situation.

In the current economic climate, it can be especially difficult for small and medium sized businesses to reward staff, when pay rises and bonuses are just not an option. Family-friendly policies and working arrangements are one way they can do this.

Childcare vouchers benefit working parents as they are non-taxable and national insurance exempt, meaning parents can potentially save up to £1,866 a year.

Employers will also save on their national insurance payments by operating a scheme, with potential savings of up to £402 per year for each employee who joins.

In the case of flexible working, benefits can be seen for both employers and employees alike. It is a way for employers to engage and develop a happier more productive workforce, especially in the case of busy parents who will be able to more easily meet their commitments at work and at home.

For more details about National Work-Life Week 2012 visit www.workingfamilies.org.uk.