Vouchers for the self-employed in the spotlight

Here at CVS, we are strongly backing a national campaign that is calling for childcare vouchers to be made available for the self-employed. The campaign is being spearheaded by CVPA (Childcare Voucher Providers Association), along with the National Day Nurseries Association, Daycare Trust and many others.

This week the campaign picked up even more momentum after appearing in the national press.

In an article featured in the Daily Telegraph, the potential benefits of extending the vouchers scheme to the self-employed were explained.

Under the current system, only employed parents can benefit. However, with the Government aiming for 2012 to be the ‘year of enterprise’, backers of the campaign believe more should be done to encourage entrepreneurship by providing mothers and fathers who start their own business with childcare support.

According to the Telegraph: ‘Many business and childcare organisations believe that the lack of childcare support is a major barrier to women starting up their own business.’

You can read the full article here:

Daily Telegraph: Call to give self-employed access to childcare vouchers

This issue is one we feel very passionate about at CVS and we are proud, as a founding member of the CVPA, to be an instrumental part of the campaign for vouchers to be accessible to the self-employed. It’s vitally important to encourage further help and financial support to be provided for working parents, and we will continue to lobby the Government on initiatives which will benefit them, especially in the current economic climate.