Number of working mums is on the rise

I read an article from The Telegraph over the weekend that I wanted to share with you.

The Office of National Statistics has released research that shows the number of mums working 35 hours per week in the UK has risen from 23 per cent (in 2006) to 29 per cent today.

The statistics also show that 37 per cent of mums work part time, meaning that overall, 66 per cent of mums have returned to work following the birth of their children.

These latest figures show that the gap between working mums and women without dependents in now only 1 per cent; this has reduced from 1996 when it was 6 per cent.

ONS statistician Jamie Jenkins said: "Over 15 years the proportion of mothers working part-time hasn't changed much but the number of full-timers has risen markedly, which is what's driving the increase in working mothers."

It’s no doubt a sign of the times that more mums are having to return to work more quickly after having their children and for longer hours. But more importantly I think it shows that the options available to working parents have made balancing work and children a little easier; flexible working, amendments to maternity leave and employee benefits like childcare vouchers all work to support parents in the ever present battle between home and work.

On the blog next week, Antonia Chitty of Family Friendly Working discusses the question of Career vs Children, how many parents struggle financially after having children and why flexible working should be encouraged.

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