What skills should your child ideally have when starting school?

Starting school is a big event for the whole family, when your little one becomes a little bit more independent. 

Whilst nurseries and childminders do a lot of work with ‘rising 5s’, there’s also plenty you can do to help ensure your child has the necessary skills for their first day at school. 

Take a look at the questions below. If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of the questions and ‘sometimes’ for the rest, your child should do just fine!

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Holiday during school term time – where do you stand?

A recent High Court ruling seemed to have cleared things up a little when they reversed the decision to fine a father for taking his daughter on a term-time holiday because no evidence had been produced to prove that his daughter had failed to attend school "regularly".

But since then the local council, backed by the Department for Education (DoE), has been told they can now apply to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal.

So, what’s the law today?

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Win Your Child’s Height in Books - Get those guesses in!

Our Win Your Child’s Height in Books competition still has a week left to run, so there’s no excuse for you not to enter.

By now, you will surely have noticed the competition posts on our Facebook page. Brightly coloured and covered in text, the posts are like books in many ways – though not nearly so valuable. Each post includes a quote taken from a children’s book, and this is where your knowledge of children’s literature (or how to use Google) will come in handy.

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